Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mother and Son and Grandson

Ruthi and Grandson Liam
Throughout our lives we learn and we teach the importance of family. I have essentially been on my own my entire life, always wanting, searching for that family feeling. No doubt many others are in need of same.

Over the years, my son and I have had the bonds of family tested to the limit many times over. No matter the reasons, the distance, our mother and son bond has never been broken. I thank my God and Goodness that our love has always led us back to one another.

These days we seem to be on track with filling up the gaps in our relationship and that is a wondrous thing for which I am ever so thankful. We have a little boy, my grandson, who must be considered too. He needs to know from whence he and his father came.

I delight in spending time with my son and grandson these days. In fact, I even took a day off from work this week to be there for my son when he needed me.

Yes, he needed me. He wanted me. His mom. And that is a feeling like none other!

Son William and Dog Mia
Once the need had been addressed, we were able to sit back and enjoy one another's company—mother and son and grandson, and Mia the dog.

We have tentative plans to get together this weekend. I will be taking my dog Valentino along to meet them too. It is my hope that Valentino and Mia become good dog pals!

Upon returning home from my family visit I logged on to Facebook. First message I see is a new poem posted by my friend, Chris, on his Real Poetry for Real People page. It was the perfect verse for me to read at that moment in time!

The first two lines of "Great Expectations" just touched my old spirit...

Just how thick is blood
With so much water over the dam?

Read the rest of the poem HERE. Be sure to spend a tidbit of time reading the writings shared by Chris. And be sure to let him know you LIKE his page, Real Poetry for Real People.

As I grow further into my sixty-plus years, many of the questions author Chris Brockman raises in "Great Expectations" filter into my daily thoughts. I try these days not to allow anxiety to creep in. When it does I just think positively and keep on practicing gratitude.

Today I am thankful for my family—my son and his son—and our dogs.

I am linking my family up in the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Brian's Home. Come share in the thankfulness with a gratitude post of your own.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thankful Thursday Acrostic for Brian

This acrostic poem is dedicated to Brian's Home. Brian hosts the Thankful Thursday blog hop from his web home each week. Brian gives writers the opportunity not only to publish an article of thanksgiving but also to link their article or blog post up with others of like mind and spirit.

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©Ruth Cox

Thin is the line between
Happiness and sadness
Anchored deep in a heart.
Nonetheless, it is known
Kindness and compassion
Fully shown to others
Undoubtedly blurs fine
Lines betwixt the two.

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop
Hosted by Brian's Home
Uplifts spirits of all—
Readers and writers both,
Dare to share written words
Always thankful for—
Yesterday, today, and yon!

We each have something or someone to be thankful for, always.

Today, I am thankful to be a part of the writers behind the words and feelings of gratitude linked together in this Thankful Thursday Blog Hop of Brian's Home ... Yesterday, today, and yon.

Thank you, Brian!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Walking Sticks Cinquain Poem

Walking Sticks Insect Ruth Cox Poetry and Prose
Sometimes we need not take a walk in the woods for a treat from nature to inspire a poem.

In this case, all I needed to do was take out the trash. Had I not been paying attention I might have missed this creepy crawly walking stick looking right at me! Yes, those are the tips of my toes at the bottom of this picture.

Walking Stick Bug Ruth Cox Poetry and ProseI was fascinated as I watched the insect turn himself about, creeping his way to the top of the dumpster. The bug then turned toward the wall of the back of the house, crawling to the edge of the lid, then jumped on the door frame. Yes, I jumped right along with him!

The efforts of this walking stick insect deemed him worthy of much more than my own effort aimed toward penning a Cinquain poem just for him. Quite an inspirational gift from nature these walking sticks insects are!

Walking Sticks
©Ruth Cox

Slender, twig-like
Creeping, crawling, walking
Foul-smelling camouflage artists
Stick Bugs

Walking Sticks Cinquain Ruth Cox Poetry and Prose

I was fascinated by these creepy crawly walking stick bugs as a child and find myself even more so now as an elder adult. Oddly, I seem to be more appreciative of their presence now than ever before.

Have you seen any creepy creatures worthy of writing about lately? 

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